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Beware of companies that can't adapt or don't have an alternative solution to use.(a back up)!

See the damage that can be caused after only 10 days. I was called to a job where a competitor was hired 10 days prior. A small simple squirrel hole was evident. 10 days later mass destruction.

  Repair(s) done by competitor. Contractor now required to repair damage.

The customer asked "What else can be done?"

The competitor told them, "Nothing else."

This is where an alternative solution, is a must. The competitors contract was cancelled, yet the customer paid them in full. They even paid though the job really was not completed to satisfaction. When the customer told the competitor to get off the job they responded by saying, "It was probably a female squirrel with young." So my question is, "If they thought it was a female squirrel with young, why would you not open the entry point to let her back in and nurture her young? The babies after 10 days would have for sure expired." I simply put a cage in place. Within two hours, a squirrel was in the cage and taken away to be released. This is just one instance where a trap is rarely used, but very productive. It stopped the damage, and we were able to identify the sex of the squirrel, which was evidently a male. The customer was very happy, yet paid for the job, for the second time! Also a contractor was hired to fix underside of the roof.

Anything wild offers alternative solutions. Always call around first. Call us! 416-818-5490 or 1-800-932-1542.

Trapping can be effective.

Beware of companies that say trapping is illegal. They are not being fully truthful. This is what I call word play. They are not finishing their statement. Trapping and relocating is illegal. Due to disease control the ministry does not want animals moved around. An example is if a raccoon is infected with a disease and a company carts it away 50 kms. They have just spread that disease in a mere hour where as that raccoon may have taken months or years to cover that ground. Also if the Ministry of Natural Resources had to step in an area they would be able to pin point locations and lay a program into effect. Here at Anything Wild we follow these rules and regulations. There are alternative solutions. Inquire.

Beware: companies that only use screen as a material for repair. They claim that the attic should breath. Your attic is breathing through roof vents and soffet areas. In certain circumstances screen is great. It can be more pliable and just plain easier to work with. Yet if the damaged area is exposed to the elements ie. weather (rain). Sheet metal is a must, finished off with roof tar. Worst case senario the customer should be informed that a roofer is needed to tackle the job if wildlife company cannot perform it. The customer should always ask where the entry point is and will it cause a leak. Anything Wild has come accross so many jobs where screen is in an area where it was letting water in, not only causing roof damage but easy pickings for animal re entry because roof was water logged making roof wood rotten. Not only that but water damage to the interior drywall, causing thousands of dollars to fix everything properly. If only that company would have informed the customer

  1. it is in a water exposed area
  2. we can fix it with metal and tar yet informing them we are not proff. roofers.
  3. the job is beyond our means so customer must call in roofer asap due to the fact repair is very temporary.
  4. let customer decide which option best suits them.

Always have foot notes marked on invoice for all the circumstances. did you inform customer? Do they understand responsibility issues after informing them you are not a roofer? Did you give them an option? an alternative is a must and thats what anything wild promotes. An alternative solution! Options! Shop around ask questions! Get informed!


Please call an Anything Wild Representative at 416-818-5490
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